Marketing to a large audience group?

on Oct. 15 2018    

You and your customers benefit when you know more about them.

on Sep. 10 2018    

Do you have a plan behind your emails? A real reason to be filling your customers' inboxes? Would th [...]

on Aug. 6 2018    

Personalize your enewsletters and email marketing.

on Jul. 2 2018    

About 70 percent of U.S. businesses have a website, and most admit it is tough to keep those sites u [...]

on Aug. 14 2017    

Follow these three principles to build a better mobile website.

on Jun. 5 2017    

Your customers use lots of different devices--laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, televisi [...]

on Jan. 16 2017    

We are all enthralled with screens. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. And the biggest of all, 42- and 4 [...]

on Dec. 12 2016    

Intersect is often called upon to take a good idea and make it a better, more workable reality.

on Nov. 7 2016    

Four years ago, the Lexington Art League (LAL) started work on a great idea designed to bring local [...]

on Oct. 3 2016    

Often, the little things either inspire or infuriate us.

on Jul. 25 2016    

Focus less on your home page and more on the whole website.

on Jun. 20 2016