Does your product or service appeal to different people for different reasons?

on Oct. 15 2018    

You and your customers benefit when you know more about them.

on Sep. 10 2018    

Do you have a plan behind your emails? A real reason to be filling your customers' inboxes? Would th [...]

on Aug. 6 2018    

Personalize your enewsletters and email marketing.

on Jul. 2 2018    

About 70 percent of U.S. businesses have a website, and most admit it is tough to keep those sites u [...]

on Aug. 14 2017    

Follow these three principles to build a better mobile website.

on Jun. 5 2017    

Your customers use lots of different devices--laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, televisi [...]

on Jan. 16 2017    

We are all enthralled with screens. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. And the biggest of all, 42- and 4 [...]

on Dec. 12 2016    

Intersect is often called upon to take a good idea and make it a better, more workable reality.

on Nov. 7 2016    

Four years ago, the Lexington Art League (LAL) started work on a great idea designed to bring local [...]

on Oct. 3 2016    

Often, the little things either inspire or infuriate us.

on Jul. 25 2016    

Focus less on your home page and more on the whole website.

on Jun. 20 2016