Want to improve your rate of on-time payments? Improve your invoice design.

on Mar. 12 2019    

Invoices shouldn't just collect, they should communicate.

on Feb. 5 2019    

Use messages in monthly invoices to reinforce important information

on Jan. 2 2019    

A new year makes us think about ways to improve our personal and professional lives.

on Nov. 26 2018    

Do you find utility bill payments to be a pain? There has to be an easier way.

on Oct. 19 2018    

When your mail doesn’t go through, we can help figure out what happened.

on Sep. 17 2018    

If you hire a company to prepare and mail your bills, make sure their system lets you monitor your p [...]

on Aug. 13 2018    

Sending your bills via postcard costs more in the long run.

on Jul. 10 2018    

Online bill payment benefits you just as much as your customers.

on May. 21 2018    

Your bill is your main point of contact with your customers. Is it sending the best message?

on Mar. 13 2018    

Bluegrass handles the transactional (billing) needs of companies large and small.

on Aug. 21 2017    

Follow these tips for billing best practices.

on Jul. 17 2017