Your bill is your main point of contact with your customers. Is it sending the best message?

on Mar. 13 2018    

Bluegrass handles the transactional (billing) needs of companies large and small.

on Aug. 21 2017    

Follow these tips for billing best practices.

on Jul. 17 2017    

Follow these four best practices for more effective billing.

on Jun. 12 2017    

A bill is one piece of mail your customers are guaranteed to read.

on May. 8 2017    

Designing a bill that’s easy to read should be your business’ goal.

on Apr. 3 2017    

Encouraging customers to adopt epayment may seem like an up-hill battle, but it's worth it.

on Mar. 27 2017    

Penalty fees are not a good way to shift customers away from paper bills and into epay.

on Jan. 23 2017    

A small change, like a new bill format, can create a big difference for you and your customers

on Dec. 19 2016    

People pay bills in many ways but online payment is growing fast.

on Nov. 14 2016    

Switching its monthly bills from a postcard to a standard 8.5-by-11-inch, double-sided bill has been [...]

on Oct. 10 2016    

Recent studies show that most Americans write about half as many checks as they did 15 years ago.

on Sep. 5 2016