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How much is too much? Or too little?

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Experts say you should reach out to your donors 10 to 12 times a year. By varying the way you reach out, what at first glance seems excessive, can actually become informative and insightful. Try a monthly communication to keep on schedule.

Here is a variety of fundraiser ideas:

  1. January – Kick off the New Year with an upbeat newsletter about goals and projects. Send it by email and by U.S. mail, according to donors’ preferences. Include a gift card and business-reply envelope.
  2. February – Take advantage of the month of love by letting donors know how much they mean to your cause. Send them a heartfelt Valentine.
  3. March – Alexander Graham Bell made the world’s first telephone call on March 10, 1876. In recognition of this world-changing event, enlist staff to pick up the phone and call top donors to thank them.
  4. April – It’s National Volunteer Month. In a letter, a postcard, a Facebook post or a YouTube video, spotlight your top volunteers.
  5. May – It’s time for another newsletter. Stories can be short and sweet, but be sure to share news that shows how donations are used to advance your organization’s cause.
  6. June – Tell a story about one way your organization has made a difference in a life or lives. Send it by letter, on Facebook or Twitter.
  7. July – July 4th is America’s birthday. Speaking of birthdays, don’t miss an opportunity to reach out to donors on their birthdays each year.
  8. August – Say so long to summer. Invite donors to a picnic. Post pictures from the day on Facebook and use them in an upcoming newsletter.
  9. September – September signals the start of school. As children troop back to the classroom, learn more about your supporters. Post an on-line survey or call donors at random and ask them a few pertinent questions.
  10. October – Good news! Your organization has been awarded a major grant. Send a letter to donors and potential donors, describing the prestigious award and what means for your organization. Make it clear that donor support is key in winning this funding. Don’t forget to include a business-reply envelope.
  11. November – Send your end-of-the-year holiday time appeal. In a letter, relay a heartwarming story about your group’s good works. Include a gift card and a business reply envelope.
  12. December – Design a striking card that wishes your donors a happy holiday season and thanks them for their support.

Julie Thomas

Business Development

December 21, 2015

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