2013 Folded Mailer USPS Requirements

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Folded Mailer Requirements Have Changed

What is a folded mailer?

Any piece that is folded onto itself and is not contained within an envelope.  These could be single or multi-page pieces in a variety of sizes.  The USPS uses the term ‘folded self-mailer’ to describe these pieces.

How have the requirements changed?

For 2013, design requirements that affect folded mailers have become more stringent.


Tabbing specifications have been changed for a number of common mail designs.  Unfortunately, the details are a bit cumbersome, so give us a call and we can make sure you are designing efficiently and in accordance to the USPS.


Address panel placement and orientation have been changed for 2013 as well.

When folded, ensure that the folded edge of the piece is always at the bottom of the address panel side.  If you have questions, we are glad to help.

Previously mailed designs are not guaranteed to be accepted by the USPS in 2013.  Pieces may also be deemed ‘non-machinable’ and would be required to mail at a significantly increased rate.

Basically, it matters because it could be an expensive error.

Call us or email us and we would be glad to help you navigate the requirements to ensure you are saving as much money as possible, headache (and surprise) free.



John Young

Director of Business Development

January 28, 2013

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