3 Good Reasons To Outsource Your Billing

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For companies large and small, billing can be a big headache.

New software programs make it affordable for them to outsource billing to professional firms like Bluegrass. Here are some good reasons to do so:
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1. Billing drives your company’s bottom line.

The faster your bills are delivered, the faster they will be paid. Transactional systems like the one we use at Bluegrass allow bills to be processed, printed and mailed within a day’s time. Systems can be set up for companies that bill a large number of customers, or can bill them in batches throughout the month.

2. You can give your customers more.

By outsourcing billing to a professional transactional firm, you can offer your customers more without having to hire an IT expert to create a system for you. The transactional system that we use can easily be adapted to any firm’s needs. It allows us to customize not only the bills, but the billing process. Our system also allows for bills to be sent in multiple ways: by regular mail, email or text. This will appeal to your customers, who handle their financial transactions in different ways.

3. Send a better bill

When is a bill more than a bill? When you can use blank areas and white space to market new services, educate your customer or send them an important piece of news. Studies show that people devote three to five minutes to reading and reviewing their bills—that means your marketing messages will be read as well. Your bills become no-cost advertising vehicles.

We can also help you design a bill that is easier to read and understand. A poorly designed, unclear bill or invoice frustrates customers, leads to more customer service calls and generally makes customers feel a little ill will toward the company that is billing them. Often a slight, simple change like printing the bill due date in red—have a significant, positive effect on on-time bill payment.

For more information about transactional services, see 7 Questions To Ask Before You Outsource Your Billing.


John Young

Director of Business Development

June 23, 2014

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