4 Steps To A Successful Fundraising Campaign

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We've seen many a campaign in our 40 years of experience, and the successful ones all seem to follow the same formula.


1. Identify

Intelligent targeting means doing more with less. Identifying a target audience that will produce a desired result just takes a little planning. Start with your existing donor list then categorize the best voters possible to activate with your message.

2. Grow

There are tools to help you grow your audience and reach a larger base than ever before. Your opponent will soon be reaching the same audience, so make sure you don’t miss this crucial window. Some of these tools are voter data mining, direct mail/outreach and list maintenance.

3. Engage & Ask

Getting your message out is crucial. But voters are more resistant to blanketed messages. How do you talk to individual voters on a mass scale? Speak across channels to reach the voters with messages that matter to them. This can be achieved through variable direct mail, interactive email campaigns, online fundraising packages, social media, creating personalized sign-up landing pages and events.

4. Stay Connected

Building a relationship takes repeated interaction. Staying active with your supporters ensures that they remember and engage all the way up until Election Day. We see over 5,000 messages a day – it’s easier than ever to get forgotten if you don’t stay in touch. Direct mail, email campaigns, and social media are great ways to stay in touch with your constituents.


Charity Cain

Senior Project Manager

September 3, 2014

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