4 Ways To Personalize Your Fundraising

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The more personal you can make your fundraising appeal, the more successful it will be.

Here are a few principles to keep in mind as you design your fundraising campaign and the direct mail pieces that support it.

The power of story

If there’s a choice between a heartfelt, true story about the way someone was aided by your organization, chances are good that you will raise more money by telling that story, through a fundraising letter or brochure, than if you illustrate your organization’s impact through a bunch of charts and graphs.

The power of connection

It’s likely that many of your donors feel connected to one aspect of your organization. Perhaps they graduated from a particular program or school within your university. Wouldn’t they be more inclined to open an envelope that pictured the building that houses that program of study?

The power of knowledge

We’re always impressed when someone is paying attention to what we have done in the past. I’m more inclined to support an organization again when they say, “We so appreciate that $200 donation you made last December.” And if they are on their toes, they are going to ask me if I might want to increase that donation this time. To make better future appeals, nonprofits need to keep good records of past gifts and use that information in their future fundraising appeals.

The power of P.S.

Few things seem more personal than a P.S. It’s like a friend saying, “Oh, one more thing before I let you go!” Fundraising experts agree that almost everyone reads a P.S. in a fundraising letter. So make sure the information shared there is powerful and pertinent. Most experts recommend that you reiterate the most important information that your fund raising letter shares. For example: P.S. Remember, your gift will help students like Adam become the next generation of schoolteachers in rural Kentucky.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

April 20, 2015

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