5 Questions About Shopping Cart Integration

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Any ecommerce business can benefit from shopping cart integration.

shopping cart integration
Shopping cart integration is a way of ramping up your existing online shopping cart. We start with a basic shopping cart, then add software that allows the cart to become more than a vehicle for holding and buying products–it becomes a system that automates shipping, handling and inventory management. This software can integrate with numerous ecommerce platforms. If your company sells products or distributes supplies to other locations, a shopping cart integration system can simplify your sales or supply chain.

Here are the five questions companies most often ask about shopping cart integration.

1. Will my customers still receive email notifications?

Yes, when you shift to a shopping cart integration system, any email notifications that were tied to your shopping cart will continue.  And, if you don’t have email notifications in place, we can set up branded emails that send customers updates about their orders. In most cases, we set the system to send at least two email notifications to customers, one when their order is received and another when their order is shipped.

2. Will my inventory totals be updated in my shopping cart software?

We can do this, but it does involve setting up an additional automated system that will then be synchronized with the shopping cart integration system. A lot of customers prefer to do this because it puts all of this information in one place–otherwise they must log into our system and their shopping cart to get the information. After we sit down with a client and go over what they are looking for as far as inventory management, we will set up a system to suit their needs. The inventory balances can be synced once a day, four times a day, whatever their business needs dictate.

3. Are customer payments processed through the shopping cart?

Yes, no change is made in how payments are made or accepted. We set up shopping cart integration so that Bluegrass Integrated Communications receives only a confirmation that payment was made. We get no details about the payment, like credit card numbers, PayPal accounts, etc. Setting up the system in this way makes sense: we don’t need all of that payment information, we need only to know that the item is paid for. Our warehouse receives information about orders only after payment is confirmed, so you don’t have to worry about products being shipped that have not been paid for.

4.  Is tracking information updated?

Yes, all shipment information — the method of shipment, shipment date and tracking information–is passed to the shopping cart.  Doing so allows email notifications about shipments to be sent to customers who can then use links in those email notifications to get updates on their shipment. The system is also set up to allow you to easily check on shipments via the shopping cart software.

5.  What about a packing slip?

The shopping cart integration systems we create for our clients include a packing slip with detailed information about each order that is shipped.  We brand the slip with the client’s logo. The slip can be set up to include all kinds of other helpful information such as return policies or an email address for questions or problems. The packing slip also includes details about the shipment–a description of the item shipped, the number shipping and a list of any items that are on back order.


Sharon Vanover

October 24, 2016

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