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Transpromo- Use the white space on your bills to promote your business.

Consumers are pretty savvy about filtering out unwanted information. But one document that almost always gets opened and read is a statement, invoice or notification. This provides an excellent vehicle for reaching customers with new messages.

A technique called Transpromo capitalizes on the white space on bills, invoices and statements. Short, targeted messages can be printed on a customer’s statement giving you an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services.

With clever design and placement, you can use the wasted white space on documents while providing great marketing opportunities.

Think of mortgage companies. A company can scan its data base and identify a subset of customers whose loans are within six months of a rate change and present a refinancing offer in a box in the statement’s available white space. The mortgage company can also offer promotions on equity lines of credit and other financial products – a great way to improve customer retention.

Another mortgage marketing tool is personalizing the relationship between lender and customer. Transpromo space may include the name and contact information of the loan officer who handled the customer’s original transaction. It’s a subtle encouragement to customers to engage with their loan officers directly. Their phone calls or personal visits to the loan company allow the loan officer to re-engage and up-sell additional products.

Those blank spaces let the document perform double-duty by presenting transaction information alongside promotional products/services the customer doesn’t already have. It’s a smart way to reach smarter customers who no doubt already carefully examine their transactional statements.

Work with a partner to lay out a strategy for using the white space on your invoices and statements. With the extra revenue and profit generated by the added reach, you can offset the cost of  monthly invoicing.


John Young

Director of Business Development

December 8, 2012

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