An ad your customers will look at for up to 3 minutes!

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Why not place a small ad on your bills and statements?

Most ads are viewed an average of less than 10 seconds. Here’s one that gets looked at for up to 3 minutes!

Pitney Bowes did a study and found the average customer invests between one and three minutes looking at bills and statements.

Here’s an idea: why not place a small ad on your bills and statements, then your customers will be likely to see it since they’re spending up to 3 minutes looking at it anyhow?

It’s not that hard. A bill processing partner can use powerful software to analyze your statements, mine your customer database, construct a personalized ad, and print it right next to the “total” box on your invoices.

It’s called TransPromo for transactional promotion.


John Young

Director of Business Development

July 10, 2012

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