An Automated System Makes eFulfillment Work

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Companies hire a professional fulfillment firm to save time and money on warehousing, ordering, shipping and handling.

Person uses phone to check on ecommerce fulfillment status
The best of the bunch use sophisticated, computerized systems to manage efulfillment. Those systems have huge advantages for the customer. I’ll explain why, using our system as an example.

Automated reminders keep you posted

An automated efulfillment system with automated reminders is a godsend. The customer doesn’t have to call or email to find out when their items were delivered to our warehouse because an automated receipt email is sent to them. The automated receipt message includes important information such as the quantity of items delivered. Knowing the number of items delivered is key for our clients. If the number we received is not the number they ordered, they can immediately check with their supplier or delivery company to find out what happened to the rest of their order.

Automated low-stock alert

One of the most important alerts on our system tells customers the minute their inventory has hit their designated low-stock number. That alert tells them that it is time to order more inventory so that our warehouse will have stock in hand when customers’ orders arrive.

Valuable information in inventory reports

Our system can provide clients with up to 150 different reports about their inventory. Of course, none of them want 150 different reports, but they do appreciate knowing that they can look at their inventory in many different ways. And, if none of the reports are exactly what they need, we will customize a report for them. Most of our clients want just a few reports, especially those that show month-by-month inventory and shipments and comparisons of sales by geographic area.


Sharon Vanover

October 20, 2014

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