An Effective One-Two Punch For Your Campaign

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No campaign strategy can be effective without identifying your target audience.

That makes sense, but how do you find voters? How do you segment those voters to communicate to each demographic effectively?

There is a science to how state Board of Election voter data is compiled. Working with a team that is familiar with this type of data is essential for providing candidates pertinent voter information.

Data can be segmented by:

  • Party Affiliation
  • Household Demographics – male, female, Age 60+, Age under 30
  • Voting History – for each voter based upon primary or general elections
  • New Voters – newly registered voters


Voter mailing lists can also be “householded” to reduce printing and postage costs. This is done by combining different voters at the same mailing address. If one household contains registered voter John Doe and registered voter Jane Doe, the output address would be John and Jane Doe. If there are 3 or more registered voters at the same mailing address, the output would be The Doe Family.

Don’t Stop At Direct Mail

A face to face chat with your constituents is invaluable. Having a Walk List of your district with household voting history information can really help you make an in-person connection. It’s a very effective one-two punch; a mail piece that they notice and remember and a visit from you where you are prepared with information.


Charity Cain

Senior Project Manager

September 24, 2014

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