An Email Newsletter is Just One of 5 Ways To Engage

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A potential customer just signed up to receive emails from your company, virtually opening the door and welcoming you in.

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In response, you’ve sent them a warm, welcoming email. What’s your next move?

Keep it fresh

Keep the conversation going and the relationship building through various forms of email marketing. The more you communicate in a meaningful way with your audience, the more your business will benefit, especially if you follow two basic principles. One, the information you send must focus on them, not on you. Think about what your business can do for your customers and what you can share that will interest them and help them in some way. Two, vary your messages by using different formats.

Here are some email marketing tips and ideas:


Whether it is a reminder about routine service for their central air conditioning system or for an upcoming sale on swimsuits, your customers will appreciate the nudge.

Loyalty points

If your customers earn points for using your service or for shopping at your store, they’ll love to see how many loyalty points they are accumulating and learn about how they can use them.


Here’s a good reason to collect as much information about your customers as you can. Robust personal information allows you to send birthday greetings and congrats for wedding or work anniversaries. Offering a special birthday or anniversary discount or gift can be icing on the virtual cake.


If you regularly have news to share, develop a brief email newsletter with short articles and photos about developments at your organization or business.


Offer helpful tips and how-to’s in different formats. Remember that we all learn in different ways. For example, you might be surprised to learn that almost half of Americans listen to podcasts. Through email, send your audience a link to informational podcast or video. You can include this as a segment on your email newsletter as well.


Lauren Smalley

Marketing Strategist

July 6, 2015

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