Benefits Of Doing A Saturation Mailing

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Did you know that nonprofits can mail for as low as .076 cents per piece and profit organizations can mail for as low as .153 cents per piece?


You may be asking how this is possible, when first class postage is .48 cents. This is possible using saturation mailing. By “saturating” a localized area, you can reach all of the residents in a targeted location.

There are two United States Postal Service (USPS) requirements that must be met to qualify for saturation mailing rates. First, when doing a saturation mailing, you must mail to at least 75 percent of the postal route. Saturation mailings must also be sorted in “walk sequence” order. This allows the mail to be in the exact order that the postal carrier delivers his/her route. Both of these requirements are easy to complete by ordering your list from Bluegrass a reputable list broker.

Saturation mailings can be especially beneficial to local businesses, churches and other organizations as a large number of people can be reached in a relatively inexpensive and simple way. Unfortunately, many companies do not know about saturation mailings and so they end up wasting money by not following these guidelines.

The idea of a saturation mailing is to reach as many people in a targeted area as possible at the lowest possible postage rate and the highest percentage of deliverability.

Why not try a saturation mailing the next time you have a sale or event? The most important part of any marketing campaign is to try new things and test how they work. You may just find that a saturation mailing is just what your organization needs.


Bill Nichols

June 5, 2014

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