Conserve By Adding New Billing Messages

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There are a lot of ways to conserve.

You can ride a bike instead of driving your car. Hook a rain barrel up to your home’s downspout. Turn your furnace down a degree or two at night.

It’s a win-win

We’ve got another way for our customers to save paper and cash. Through smart design, we can create white space on their bills that then becomes a miniature billboard of sorts where you can print monthly messages that educate and inform their customers. This is conservation in its finest form.

The possibilities are endless

One mailing now serves two purposes. Paper and postage are saved in the process, and customers benefit. By following tips provided on their water bill, homeowners can avoid the headaches and plumbing bills caused by frozen water pipes. When March blows in, electric customers can be reminded of the dangers of downed power lines. A chart that compares this year’s natural gas consumption to last year’s might convince a homeowner to insulate the attic.

There are many ways to use this prime piece of real estate. If you haven’t already turned your monthly bill into a monthly bill/mouthpiece, it might be time to give this easy idea a try.


John Young

Director of Business Development

February 23, 2015

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