Direct Mail Has Come A Long Way, Baby

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What do you think of when someone mentions direct mail?

direct mail

Catalogs? Sales flyers? Postcard announcements?

Direct marketing has come leaps and bounds from where it used to be just a short time ago. While the methods that we mentioned still serve a purpose in direct mail, they are just a small part of the direct marketing landscape.

Qualities that stand the test of time

Businesses and organizations of all sizes rely on direct marketing because it is a very visual medium. I say this not only because of the images used in direct mail pieces, but because they get seen. Using direct mail to get your message out literally puts it in the hands of your target audience. They interact with your message by simply checking their mail.

Great first impression

Direct mail is a no-brainer way to introduce yourself to a new market or showcase a new product. A strategic, multi-send direct mail campaign with relevant messages helps to create a strong brand for your product or service. This also helps to build trust with prospective customers.

Making it personal

While these qualities are nothing new, technology now allows us to expand on this visually-driven communication. Variable Digital Printing (VDP) is a technique that can personalize each piece of mail for each prospective customer. You can tailor your message based on demographical data like age or gender. This type of personalization keeps your message relevant.

A strong visual impact and a custom message may be just the thing your business needs to kick-start its next marketing campaign.


Sawyier Phillips

August 21, 2014

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