Get The Band Together For Your Nonprofit

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Put together a band of donors, volunteers and clients to toot your nonprofit organization’s horn.

get the band together
Modesty might be a charitable organization’s biggest enemy. The hesitation to broadcast the good we do is common, yet, if you don’t spread the word, potential supporters won’t understand why they should send donations.

Instead of doing all the horn tooting yourself, put together a band of people to tell your nonprofit’s story. Possible band members could be:

A donor

Dig into why a loyal donor supports your organization. Profile them in your magazine or in your print or online newsletter. Ask them to write a fundraising letter to potential donors.

A volunteer

People who support your nonprofit by donating their time can be great storytellers for your organization. Photograph volunteers at work and post those photos to Facebook, Instagram or other social media. Interview them and post the video on YouTube. Create a volunteer award and profile the recipient in your publications. In a blog, interview a volunteer about the work they do.

A client

Who does your nonprofit serve? Underprivileged children? Abandoned puppies? The elderly? No matter what your nonprofit does, someone benefits from its work. Recruit them to talk about the difference your organization has made in their life. A two-minute video posted on your website will get many views. A profile in the annual report you mail to donors each year could convince them to make another donation of support. A postcard that includes a client’s photo and briefly tells their story is a small piece of direct mail that can make a huge impact.

A board member

Chances are good that your board members are well known and well-connected in the community. When they let others know they help lead your organization, by writing a fundraising letter, a column for your magazine or a guest blog, or talking about some of your organization’s projects, they help attract the support of other community leaders.

So, strike up the band. Toot horns, bang drums and clang cymbals. Let your band members tell the world about the good your organization does. And remember the words of economist John Kenneth Galbraith: “Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue.”


Julie Thomas

Business Development

February 29, 2016

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