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Direct Mail Envelope Design

The first challenge with any direct mail letter is getting the envelope opened. If you can conquer this challenge, the chance of a successful campaign will increase. Key to conquering this challenge is changing the style, size and format of the piece you are sending. Often times, advertisers or fundraisers get stuck in the same routine, using the exact same size, color, and shape of mail. Using these simple tips can get you out of this rut and allow your direct mail campaign to be fresh and exciting, and more importantly, get the mail opened.

One way to try and change it up is to alter the size of the outer envelope. Using a #10 envelope works in certain occasions, and for some reasons, but there are other options when choosing your envelope size. A slightly larger envelope can help your mail stick out in the crowd and increase the likelihood that the audience will take the time to open it. Another option is to alter the shape or size, using a smaller or square envelope. Although the postage may be a little higher when using a square envelope, the overall response may be better, making the costs worthwhile.

Some other simple ideas include experimenting with the color of the outer envelope and adding teaser copy to the outside. Again, this allows your mail piece to stick out when the recipient is quickly shuffling through the stack of mail.

In order to determine what works best in getting your direct mail piece opened, it is crucial to test. Try new things and test to see what works best. If one idea does not work for a particular campaign, it does not necessarily mean that it will never work. Constantly strive to try new things and test to see what works best. Remember that the best way to get your message out is to get your direct mail piece opened.


John Young

Director of Business Development

July 12, 2012

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