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Variable Digital Printing- marketers are realizing the great benefits of this emerging technology.

In a world full of acronyms, business and organization leaders need to know one more – VDP. Variable data printing from BlueGrass Mailing, Data and Fulfillment enables someone to mass customize documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the mass production of a single document.  No matter what the project, pinpoint your target audience with customized data and deliver those individual messages on pieces you mail to them. It will dramatically increase response rates because customers feel you’re speaking directly to them. Execute savvy one-to-one marketing with remarkable ease.

The advantages of customization are endless. Printing and addressing can be completed at the same time and the information and images personalized on every piece. After all – it’s about the customers and their personal needs, right? Maybe you’re already having letters printed and mailed to your clients or customers. Each document probably has the same basic layout, but with a different customer name and address on each piece. BlueGrass will show you how VDP goes far beyond that. BlueGrass enlivens those pieces by inserting fresh text and graphics into the documents; changing the layout and/or the number of pages, printing a unique barcode on each one, using color extensively and much more.

Maybe you don’t have much customer data to work with. Even a minimal amount can be developed. We’ll take what you have and build on it with additional data resources. We’ll design the graphics and the offers for you, simply and effectively. Yours won’t be the first such project we’ve worked on… we’ve done hundreds.

No longer will you gamble and order thousands of brochures because your boss warned: “Keep the per piece price down.”  Remember how many were never used and, in fact, were thrown out?

Our digital print technology takes the guesswork out of ordering your marketing materials. Simply order what you need, when you need it, and save time and money. BlueGrass uses the hottest technology, like the Xerox iGen high volume printer to ensure precise, high quality mail pieces that are pre-sorted to give you lower postage costs and accurate delivery.

Full-color Variable Data Printing has become one of the fastest-growing direct marketing tools around. The reason is no secret to companies that are driven by results. VDP gives marketers tremendous flexibility to change messages to match any attractive marketing opportunity.


Aaron Stringer

Creative Director

May 31, 2012

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