How A Shopping Cart Can Save You Money

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One of our clients, a home goods manufacturer, uses Shopping Cart Integration to keep its retail stores stocked with brochures, product samples, signage and other supplies.

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Shopping Cart Integration combines the virtual shopping cart, which we are all familiar with thanks to online shopping, and a fulfillment system, which manages everything needed to send a product to the person who ordered it, from shipping to inventory.

By using Shopping Cart Integration, we helped the manufacturer simplify and streamline its internal distribution network.

How does Shopping Cart Integration work?

Here’s how the system works for the home goods manufacturer. In our secure, climate-controlled warehouse in Lexington, we store supplies used by all the company’s stores. The supplies range from product samples to marketing brochures.

When regional sales directors need these supplies for the stores they oversee, they access an online portal and shopping cart system that we created for the company. Using the shopping cart system, the sales directors order supplies and have them shipped to specific stores. The shopping cart is basically a self-service hub.

BlueGrass processes orders and handles fulfillment

The orders come not to the manufacturer, but to BlueGrass’ headquarters. Our staff pulls the orders from our warehouse, packages and ships them. Meanwhile, back at the manufacturer’s headquarters, staff can use the Shopping Cart Integration system to check on inventory for product samples and marketing materials, track shipments to stores and get a handle on shipping costs.

Shopping Cart Integration simplifies sales staff’s work

The manufacturer’s sales managers no longer have to store and distribute the supplies ordered for the stores they oversee. And the manufacturer’s staff doesn’t have to take and fulfill orders and ship supplies.

It’s a system that could work for all kinds of businesses, especially those with multiple locations.

If you are interested in learning more about Shopping Cart Integration, download our resource “How Shopping Cart Integration Saves Time and Money.”


Sharon Vanover

April 28, 2014

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