How Direct Mail Can Work for Your Church

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Churches have been using direct mail to invite neighbors to Sunday services for years.

Christmas and Easter mailings remind many people to spend a Sunday morning in worship. The holidays also present opportunities for reaching out and invite neighbors to church. It’s a fact that many churchgoers pass by more than a half-dozen churches to worship in their own sanctuary. But, those who haven’t yet found a church home may be open and waiting for a welcoming invitation from a nearby church.

Churches don’t often have large advertising budgets but there are creative ways to attract people to your congregation. The most affordable direct marketing program utilizes the Resident List. The first step is to select the neighborhoods most likely to respond to an invitation. BlueGrass Mailing Services will then compile a list that will saturate the area. A walk-sequenced list within carrier routes in specified zip codes, offers the lowest postage rate for non-profits; however, the piece will be addressed ‘Resident’ rather than including the actual recipient’s name. For most all of your promotions using resident instead of the actual name should make no difference what so ever in response.

Another option for targeted mailing is to identify families living within the zip codes or neighborhoods you have chosen. Purchasing a list based on family size will contain the resident’s name. While a bit more expensive, this method is more effective, particularly when you’re inviting the entire family or sharing specific news about youth groups, children’s choir, VBS and other worship programs. Community members may also be attracted by book and reading groups, guest speakers, bible studies, alpha programs and other functions aside from regular Sunday morning service. There are many demographic lists available to suit these special needs.

Don’t forget to include the names of visitors to your church, from the guest registry or attendance pads. Once you have your list compiled, don’t forget to keep it up to date. BlueGrass Mailing will help with any or all of these opportunities for drawing people to your congregation.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

April 22, 2012

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