Landing Page Design To Tie To Your Direct Mail

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If you’re wondering “What is a landing page?” you’re not alone.

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Most people don’t know exactly what a landing page is. Well we’re here to tell you.

The basics

Landing pages are those standalone web pages that look like part of a website but are separate entities. These are pages where you want your customers not only to land but to take action. Maybe we should call them action pages.

In most cases, the landing page design includes a form. Visitors are asked to fill out the form, in exchange for information that is of value to them. Landing pages are an excellent way to capture information about customers.

Direct mail is one effective way to drive people to your landing page. Doing so has several advantages:

  1. You can design simpler, more straightforward direct mail and avoid an error we so often see with direct mail–trying to cram too much information into too small of a space. With direct mail, give recipients a taste of what you have to offer, and send them to the landing page (by including the landing page address) for more.
  2. Your marketing becomes multilayered, as your direct mail is reinforced by the information on your landing page.
  3. You capture information about the recipient, which is more difficult to do with direct mail alone.

Keep in mind that to be effective, a landing page must offer information that is valuable to customers. Otherwise, they won’t share their personal information on the form you provide on the landing page.

Here are a few examples of information you can share on your landing page.

  • A newsletter with tips and ideas
  • An ebook or whitepaper with detailed information about an industry issue
  • A how-to video on a pertinent topic
  • A podcast with industry leaders
  • A webinar with a noted expert
  • A survey with a link to results

Take a look at our video that explains landing page design even further.


Bill Nichols

May 11, 2015

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