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Variable Digital Printing- It’s time you investigated this highly personalized form of marketing and printing.

Consumers today are bombarded with media messages 24/7 – TV, radio, Internet, billboards, newspapers, magazines and mailings – up to 3,000 times per day, according to media researchers. We understand the frustration of message overload.

But what if your customers received mailed messages targeted specifically for them? Then would they pay attention?

InfoTrends, a market research company, discovered a scant five percent of respondents preferred telemarketing, only 20 percent preferred email marketing, but 61 percent favored direct marketing. The study also found that consumers prefer highly personalized direct mail.

That’s the goal of a hot trend in marketing – variable data printing or VDP. As a marketer, you must cut through advertising clutter. BlueGrass Mailing, Data and Fulfillment can help you do it.

VDP is a direct outgrowth of digital printing which taps into your own digital data bases to create beautiful four-color mail pieces with the look and feel of standard off-set printing.  VDP is on-demand printing at its best where text, offers, graphics, data, charts and images change from one printed piece to the next using your information. It is variable information, one-to-one marketing, customization and personalized publishing rolled into one.  Direct mail marketing campaigns using personalized communications have shown ROIs in the double digits. Some even reporting improvements of 20 to 30 percent. Your campaign will be more cost-effective and successful by reaching individuals with a personalized message that holds their interest.

When people visit their mailboxes each day, sometimes anticipating finding something interesting, they must decide what to open immediately, what to set aside for later reading and what never to open. That so-called “mail moment” usually means the pieces that get opened first include two strong elements – relevancy and personalization.

Variable printing from BlueGrass creates those targeted documents that demonstrate to your customers that you’re aware of and responding to their interests and buying habits. Just watch your credibility climb.

With variable printing, you can quickly test small samples of your mailing (even in the hundreds) so you can track results in as little as 24 hours. This minimizes risk while allowing you to validate your strategies and messages.

Today, marketers are able to create communications with dozens or even hundreds of variables in a single piece. Maybe you should explore what BlueGrass Mailing, Data and Fulfillment and VDP can do for you.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

May 29, 2012

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