Local Nonprofits Need Specialized Mailing Lists

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Donor acquisition is a constant challenge for every nonprofit, but especially for local organizations that impact a small geographical area.

Because they serve a limited area, the population served by these nonprofits is also limited. That can make their pool of potential donors somewhat limited as well. There aren’t great numbers of mailing lists for small geographical areas. But we have come up with a way to create mailing lists for local nonprofits that to do a donor acquisition campaign.

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Send fundraising mailings to donors’ neighbors

Our approach operates on the principle that people who are neighbors often have similar beliefs, interests and philosophies. We find the neighbors of a nonprofits’ current donors and send them fundraising requests.

Here’s an example of how this idea works.

Let’s say that our nonprofit organization supplies meals for the elderly in a town of 20,000. To build a list of potential donors, we would take the nonprofit’s list of current donors and pull the names and addresses of those donors’ neighbors — for example, the four to five residences on either side of the donor’s address. We would eliminate any of those addresses where there is no current resident. The remaining names would become a new mailing list that can be used by the nonprofit for its donor acquisition campaign. Several of our clients have had good results using these lists.

For more information on ways to use direct mail for your donor acquisition campaign, see “Five Tips For Effective Donor Acquisition”.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

May 5, 2014

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