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Let’s be direct shall we?

The political season is one of the “noisiest” times. Candidates are shouting messages on TV, radio, newspaper, yard signs, postcards, letters. To be honest, most voters are a little tired of it. They’ve stopped listening. Makes you want to shout louder just to get your voice heard.

A word of advice. Don’t.

Get on their level

Instead of shouting, why not try talking to your constituents? But the only way they’ll let you talk to them is if you talk to them about something they care about. Try all you want, talking to a busy young couple about a stop sign near a park that’s five miles from their house is a little like trying to teach a pig to sing. It’s futile and really annoys the pig.

But, talk to them about how you got an extra crossing guard at their kids’ school. They’re all ears. And the stop sign at the park? Save that message for the people who live near the park. You’ll be a hero.

Making it personal

So, here’s the plan. Put together a political mailing where you talk to the young couple about the things you’re doing for them. Talk to people who live on a busy street how you got their speed limit lowered, and talk to others how you made sure their neighborhood wouldn’t be moved to a new school district.

With a technique called Variable Digital Printing (VDP) we can print graphics and messages that match to the individual’s demographic or location so you speak directly to them through the mail. The message resonates because it’s about something you did for them. Sure beats a shouting a generic message.

The winning equation

Unique, personalized campaign messages that talk about what you’ve done for the voter + high impact graphics that match the message = more votes. Now you’re talking.


Charity Cain

Senior Project Manager

August 13, 2014

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