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Little touches make your shipments YouTube worthy.

“Unboxing” videos are a hot new trend on YouTube. Millions of people sit at their computers and watch other people open boxes, which shows us just how powerful and mysterious the unopened box can be.

The YouTube videos mostly focus on products people yearn for like a new toy, the latest iPhone, a pair of UGGs, a high-end espresso machine. It’s kind of like sitting in on someone else’s Christmas morning.

The unboxing craze proves that an unopened package piques everyone’s interest. And, odds are good that when a package is more than the standard brown box, our hearts will race even faster.

There’s no question that the product inside the box is most important, but surveys show that packaging can inspire additional purchases. Dotcom Distribution found that just over half of consumers will likely buy again from an online retailer that delivers the goods in premium packaging. It pays to make your package special in some way. Here four ways to do just that.

Dress it up

Bows, fancy bags, ribbons, sparkly tissue paper…adding something simple can make your delivered product seem more special. One of our clients ships its clothing in custom gift bags inside a regular shipping box. The gift bags add an element of celebration. Including inexpensive “gifts” also make shipments standout. A customer who sells motorcycle parts includes motorcycle-theme stickers in its shipments. If you sell premium golf wear to women, throw in a sun visor with your company logo or a package of logoed golf tees.

Include a thank you

When customers get your product by mail, the personal attention experienced during an in-store visit is lost. You can restore the human touch by including a thank-you card, note or letter with shipments. I recently bought a product online from a company owned by an American veteran. A thank-you letter that was in my shipment explained that all of the company’s products are made in America, the owner is a veteran and he tries to hire other veterans. I appreciated the thanks and the information, and chances are I’ll buy from the company again because I liked its product and the way it does business.

Cards and thank yous can be standard or personalized. With print-on-demand, it is simple to customize a thank-you card or letter to include the customer’s name, the item purchased and other information. New fonts make it possible to create a card that appears to have been written by hand.

Boxes make impressions

Boxes don’t always have to be Plain Jane. Remember Gateway’s Holstein cow (black and white) boxes? Everyone on the block knew you had bought a Gateway desktop computer when that box went to the curb. If you ship a lot of product, it might make sense to imprint your logo on your shipping boxes (or use labels with the logo on plain boxes). Depending on your business, you might also want to check out options available in recycled packaging. If your company sells environmentally-safe cleaning products, wouldn’t it make sense to use shipping boxes made from recycled content and alert customers to that fact with stickers or printed messages on your packaging?


Sharon Vanover

June 6, 2016

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