Merging Shopping Carts And Fulfillment Software

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When you take a virtual shopping cart system and merge it with fulfillment software, you create a system that makes it easier, faster and cheaper for companies to distribute their products and their supplies.

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Merging shopping carts and fulfillment software

We have combined these two tools — shopping carts and fulfillment software — for a number of clients. The process is called Shopping Cart Integration. We recommend Shopping Cart Integration for a number of reasons. First, most businesses are not experts on distributing their products or supplies. We are. Shopping Cart Integration is an easy-to-use, robust system that requires very little oversight. Every aspect—from ordering to inventory orders—is automated.

Shopping Cart Integration gives businesses insight

In addition, it gives businesses a lot of information about their business. Through online portals, businesses can pull up information about what is selling and who is buying the products. If they are using Shopping Cart Integration to distribute supplies to their stores, they can get a handle on how quickly supplies are being used and how much is being spent on shipping.

We listen then make recommendations

Before we begin work on Shopping Cart Integration for a client, we talk about their goals and their current processes. Their answers help us come up with additional ways to save them money.

For example, a lot of retailers don’t factor in the cost of fees they pay when their customers use a credit card for online orders. We advise customers to build those fees into their shipping and handling charges. Otherwise, they will lose significant dollars to credit card fees.

Another thing to consider is exactly what is being shipped. Is it fragile? How large is it? Where is the shipment going? How often are shipments being made? What shipping company is being used? When we know all the answers, we can often suggest changes in processes and procedures that save our clients money.

For more information about Shopping Cart Integration, download our resource “How Shopping Cart Integration Saves Time and Money”.


Sharon Vanover

August 11, 2014

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