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Direct mail has become more targeted and more connected to other marketing methods, so we’re using it in different ways.

Here are some trends I’m seeing.

Direct mail in tandem with interactive

Even though direct mail is low tech, it can easily be tied to technology by creating a web landing page that elaborates on the information the direct mail piece delivers. When you include the URL for the landing page on the direct mail piece, a number of recipients will visit that landing page for several reasons. For example, if the direct mail tackles a complicated subject, the landing page allows you to share more information about the topic.

A landing page is also a great for those potential customers who receive your direct mail aren’t comfortable calling you to ask question or learn more, they can visit the landing page. Most landing pages will also give visitor the option of contacting someone electronically. A landing page gives potential customers another way to reach you. A landing page is also the chance to capture more information from direct mail recipients through forms or surveys. Landing pages can be personalized, using information that you already have about your recipient and asking them to supply what is missing.

Send a sample by direct mail

Product samples sent by mail get attention. Just ask companies that sell skincare products and laundry detergents. People like to test certain products before they buy them. A direct mail campaign that includes a sample of your product is a great way to win some new
customers. Be inventive. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

Build a relationship

Direct mail isn’t scattershot any more. Using geo-targeting, psychographics and other demographic data, mailings are aimed at specific audiences. And, because we are wasting less money on sending direct mail to people that aren’t interested in our message, we can afford to send more direct mail to those who want or need to hear from us. Multiple mailings allow us to build a reputation and a relationship with targeted audiences.

For example, a financial adviser could send three or four educational mailings to a target audience before inviting the audience to attend a seminar. Too often, we ask someone to do something before we have built a relationship with them. The series of mailings has made you an authority on investing to those who’ve gotten your direct mail. Now, potential clients will want to come and hear what you have to say.

To learn more about how direct mail can be used in new ways, check out our resource “Five Strengths Of Direct Mail”.


Bill Nichols

September 8, 2014

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