On Election Night, Will You Be Leading Or Conceding?

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Political campaigns don’t get second chances.

Election Day is not the time to learn about all the latest techniques used by candidates to not just shout their message but also to connect with the electorate, and with donors. Political mail can tip the scales in your favor. Other candidates will be sending out political mail, how about you?

Yes, you need to grab their attention, deliver a clear message and cut through the rest of the chatter during this busy media season. But today’s constituents also want you to make a connection and show you’re the best one to represent them. Today’s technology can let you do this by allowing you to stay current, engaged and ready to execute.

What’s the magic?

You need to go beyond static political mail pieces. Talk to your constituents about what they are interested in. Segment voter files based on interests and demographics. Send political mail pieces that speak specifically to the recipient. Send a political mailer to a senior that speaks to her issues. Send a different mailer to a middle age couple that addresses their concerns. Speak directly to young families with children about the things that matter to them. Print each political mail piece so it speaks individually to each recipient. Here at Bluegrass, we use a technology called VDP, or Variable Data Printing, to connect on a personal basis. It’s a powerful personalization technique that gives you the most impact for your money.

It works for political fundraising too!

What’s more, you can bring this level of personalization to political fundraising as well. Send personalized, customized messages to donors to increase the effectiveness of your political campaign dollars. Bluegrass can create an online fundraising portal that makes taking donations online very easy for both you and your donors.

All of these tools together make for a winning combination.


Charity Cain

Senior Project Manager

July 30, 2014

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