Postcards generate quick interest and response

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Postcards are a tool for reaching customers in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Postcards generate quick interest and response. Just what businesses and organizations need.

As a business owner or organization leader you know that modern marketers embrace reaching out to potential customers in multiple ways. People want clear, relevant messages delivered in the way they want to communicate. The goal, of course, is to shorten the time between message and revenue.

One reliable form of messaging is the postcard. It may seem old school to some, but coupled with other technologies and strategies, postcards are a tool for reaching customers in an efficient, cost-effective way.

BlueGrass Mailing, Data & Fulfillment helps customers to mail personalized postcards that get results.

Postcards deliver information to people quickly. They are stand-alone messages that are not hidden away in envelopes that get thrown out, never to be opened. Postcards have “stopping power” to get customers to pause, look, think and take the important next step – respond.

Personalize messages by producing postcards with variable digital printing. Using your customer data base, add to each card the most important word you can present to a customer – their first name. Add other information specific to that customer, such as “Thanks for your recent purchase of four tires” or “The dress shirts you like are on sale next week” and you’ve reached out to them in a special way. Today’s customers are smart. They know when companies use a shotgun approach to marketing and when they are just another name on a mailing list.

Your postcards can use a PURL or Personal URL, a unique code that recipients can use to access free offers, discounts, information, registrations, surveys or anything. For example, a PURL might be The part containing the name is the sub-domain and changes on each postcard that is sent. This information on a postcard might peak your prospects’ curiosity to the point of checking out your landing page.

When the recipient goes to the PURL online, their name is populated. That information can be sent to you as a lead. The more options customers have, the better the response rate.

Use postcards to build customer loyalty. Send a personalized birthday greeting to a customer and offer them a no-strings-attached offer.

Postcards easily and affordably promote your business or organization. Printed on quality card stock with a full-color and black-and-white options, post cards get your message across. The savvy marketer knows that postcards generate sales.


John Young

Director of Business Development

July 5, 2012

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