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If you own a small company, operating your own warehouse could be a big job.

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In fact, for many companies, it is job that is too big to make good business sense. Before you go out and lease warehouse space at $4 to $7 a square foot, consider these points about professional efulfillment firms, which can store, pick, pack and ship your product.

Pay only for warehouse space you use

By using a professional efulfillment firm, you pay only for the warehouse space that you use. In some businesses, the need for warehouse space can fluctuate from
season to season. For some of our clients, this might be 4 square feet this month and 10 square feet next month. But again, we only charge for what they use. It is a more equitable way to charge.

Add up all the costs for warehousing

It can be expensive to run your own warehouse. In addition to the building itself, you’ll need equipment and manpower. The average cost for warehouse workers is $30-$40 an hour (including insurance, workers’ comp, payroll taxes, etc.). Running your own warehouse might not be as efficient as having someone else do it. Some of our clients found that we could ship twice as many packages a day as the workers they had hired and our charges were only about half of what it was costing them to run their own storage and shipping operation.

Your customers will get better service

Your customers benefit. We keep accurate count of inventory and provide updates through our inventory management program, so your customers never wait for out-of-stock items. We also do business with all shipping companies so your customers can opt for freight that best suits them.


Sharon Vanover

January 26, 2015

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