Saturday delivery is going away – How does this affect Direct Mail Marketing?

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It is possible that Saturday delivery of mail may be discontinued starting in August. How does this affect Direct Mail Marketing? The answer: Stay Tuned

As Congress and the USPS sort through the final plans for discontinuing delivery of First Class mail on Saturdays, we have time to map out a strategy that adapts to this change. First, Direct Mail remains as one of the best ways to reach more types of customers and reach them on a deeper level than other methods. Here’s an article in Forbes that illustrates how Direct Mail reaches a broad demographic and as the author quotes from a survey they conducted  “physical media–AKA direct mail–left a ‘deeper footprint’ in the brain.  In other words media that consumers can touch and feel resonated and touched more emotions than those of the digital variety.”Direct Mail: Alive And Kicking

If Saturday delivery of First Class mail goes away, the biggest change in strategy will be that marketers will need to adjust the timing of their deliveries in relation to special offers and sales. A common technique is to have a piece land on Friday and Saturday to highlight weekend specials. Without Saturday delivery, the piece would instead be delivered on Friday and Monday. Clearly, moving the schedule up is in order.

As this change from the USPS solidifies, they will be communicating more details about the specific delivery guidelines which will help to determine our strategy with this coming change. As always, we will stay on top of this and deliver a winning marketing strategy. Rest assured, Direct Mail is and will remain an important and highly effective way to reach customers.

In the meantime, here is an another article in Forbes that does a nice job of summarizing the effects. How The USPS Decision To Stop Saturday Mail Delivery Will Affect Marketers


John Young

Director of Business Development

February 15, 2013

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