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We’ve developed new fulfillment systems for a number of clients. These systems combine the shopping cart technology so familiar to online shoppers with sophisticated fulfillment software.

The combination is called Shopping Cart Integration, a robust system that handles orders, fulfillment, shipping and inventory.

shopping cart integration

Early discussions provide direction for Shopping Cart Integration

It can take a month or so of back and forth with a client as we customize their shopping cart/fulfillment system.

In early conversations, we talk about what our customers want this system to do for their business. These systems are easily customized, and in these early discussions, we can explain how the various features available can be used to meet a client’s goals.

Customizing the Shopping Cart

Customization begins with the look and feel of the shopping cart. We know our clients want their cart to reflect their brand and so we use their company logo, colors and other company branding devices to make it their own.

How can fulfillment software fulfill goals?

Next, we look at how the fulfillment software we use can help clients reach their goals. For example, suppose our client needs to send supplies to sales staff across the country. Using Shopping Cart Integration, we can design a system that allows sales people to order their supplies and then sends those orders to our warehouse, where the supplies are stored and where our staff quickly packages and ships orders to the sales staff.

Shopping Cart Integration lets companies connect with customers

Another client might want to send gifts or rewards to customers who earn them through their purchases of a company’s product. With shopping cart integration, we not only process rebates and rewards, but we can tailor communications with the company’s customers. The system can be designed to send emails or letters to customers so they will know their gift is on the way or that they need to send more information to qualify for a rebate.

Shopping Cart Integration mechanizes 80 percent of work

It takes about 30 days to customize a Shopping Cart Integration system for a client, but it is time well spent. By using Shopping Cart Integration, we create a system that mechanizes 80 percent of what was once a labor-intensive process.

We always tell clients that the hardest part of using Shopping Cart Integration is set up, but after the system is in place, the client will have an ordering and fulfillment system that runs itself. Those 30 days of work result in the next 30, 60 and 365 days being a piece of cake. To learn more about Shopping Cart Integration, download our resource How Shopping Cart Integration Saves Time and Money.


Sharon Vanover

June 2, 2014

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