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“Everything is different these days.”

“Nothing’s the way it used to be.”

But, the more things change the more they stay the same. The basic principles of marketing haven’t changed. It’s still all about the four P’s




You still need to have the right Product Promoted in the right Place.  And, of course Price is always important. Chances are you’re an expert at your Product and Price. But when it comes to the other P’s, you may want to think about consulting some experts that can highlight some of the new tools available to Promote your Product to the right audience (Place). In the long term, you could save money by being more efficient with your ad dollars.


Consider the concept of “the long tail”. You’ve been chasing the “the long tail” for years and may not have even known it.

DEFINITION:The long tail is the part of the distribution curve of customers that have specific needs, & specific interest in your Product

For instance, let’s say you run a car repair shop. You know your audience is “people who own a car”. But, wouldn’t it be better to advertise to only people who own a car that’s at least five years old? Every dollar you spend advertising to new car owners (still under warranty) is wasted. They are not part of “the long tail”. Let’s take it one step further. Let’s say you only service Toyotas.

The category “Owners of Toyotas older than five years” is the “the long tail” of the distribution curve. The part you want to talk to.


Think about your business. What’s your “long tail”? Who do you want to advertise to? What portion of your ad budget right now is being wasted on people outside of your “long tail”?

If you’re going to pay for 5000 ads it’s a lot better if all 5000 go to your “long tail”. You’ll be Promoting your Product in the right Place. And the P’s are coming together.

Now you can have the targeted advertising power that is found in web and email marketing, combined with the much greater penetration rates of direct mail. They may not read every word but direct mail does bring attention-grabbing, hands-on deliverability.

Now if only there were a way to use Direct Mail to talk to only the “the long tail”. If you could send mail only to owners of old Toyotas and personalize a message directly to the individual. This type of highly targeted, personalized mail is called Variable Digital Printing (VDP).  These 3 letters represent a powerful shift in the printing market.  Take time to consider using it in your next project.


  1. Think about what your business’s “long tail” is
  2. Be efficient with your ad dollars by talking only to your “long tail”.
  3. Use directly targeted, personalized communication to each prospect; email, web, direct mail with VDP.

Not sure how to get started? Talk to some experts who can offer this multi-channel marketing approach. Throw in some industry jargon if you want. Ask for a “smarter, targeted, multi-channel data-based advertising strategy using the latest tools including VDP direct mail“.


John Young

Director of Business Development

April 30, 2012

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