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Before you turn your inventory over to a professional fulfillment firm, you need to talk about your company’s particular needs.

Even though sophisticated computer systems allow inventory management to be more streamlined, your company’s needs differ from those of any other. Here’s what we talk to our customers about:

The magic number for low stock

Our system has automated low-stock notification. In other words, when a client’s inventory reaches a “magic” number, they receive an alert that their stock is low. We can’t determine that number because it varies from product to product and from company to company. Clients must come up with that number based on how long it takes to get the item made and how long it takes to get it shipped to our warehouse. Calculating the low-stock number accurately is important. Get it right and you always have items in the warehouse, ready to go. Get it wrong, and your customers are waiting for the item to arrive. People don’t like to wait for their orders, so if you aren’t keeping your items in the warehouse, you are probably losing customers.

Automation gives you inventory information

Our automated system can give clients lots of valuable information. We always ask clients what they want to know. As standard, we send a monthly report on inventory/shipments. But our system can go far beyond that, with the possibility of 150 different reports, as well as the ability to create customized reports. Reports can show geographical distribution of shipments, month-to-month comparisons and other specifics.

What will you see through your window

We design a portal that gives our clients all the access they want to our inventory system. It can be as simple or as detailed as they like. Some of our clients want access to only a few pieces of information; others want to be able to see everything the system offers. We can design it either way or somewhere in between. We can also add a company’s logo to the system to further personalize it.


Sharon Vanover

November 24, 2014

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