The Power Of The Postcard

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Postcards seem rather retro, but they have few rivals when it comes to relaying a succinct message.

In fact, the U.S. Postal Service says the humble postcard is the mailed marketing piece most likely to be read. More than half of consumers say they read the postcards they receive in the mail.


Postcards are cost effective

Postcards typically cost less to print and mail, which can make a postcard’s return on investment greater than other forms of marketing. A lead gained through a postcard costs about $54.10. By contrast, leads by print ads cost $60.50 and by telemarketing cost $190.49.
Companies can build name recognition by sending their audience several different postcard messages over a short period of time. As the company increases awareness, it is likely to increase sales. Studies show that people are 46 percent more likely to respond to offers from companies they have heard of.

Postcards are versatile

Postcards come in all sizes and shapes. I got one the other day with dogs and cats pictured on front. It was from a pet-sitting service. I put it on the fridge — we might need someone to check on the cat when we take a trip. Another postcard arrived that day from a local business that was celebrating an anniversary. The front of the postcard showed the company’s product; the flip side had a schedule of public events planned to celebrate the anniversary.

Postcards can convey all kinds of information

You can use a postcard to:

  • Alert customers that your office or store is moving.
  • Remind a client of an upcoming appointment.
  • Wish a valued customer happy birthday.
  • Send a repeat customer or potential customer a coupon.
  • Promote an upcoming event.
  • Promote a big sale.
  • Remind clients of an upcoming deadline.
  • Publicize an award your company has received.

For more tips on how direct mail could help your business, check out our resource 5 Strengths Of Direct Mail.


Sawyier Phillips

May 26, 2014

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