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Use multi-channel marketing to build relationships.

With technology ever-expanding, direct marketers have to find ways to be tactful and efficient with their marketing. Consumers are constantly bombarded with information so getting your message to break through needs to consist of something more than just “shouting louder”.

Take a multi-dimensional approach so your customers see you in more places. Multi-channel marketing uses direct mail, permission based email, telemarketing, and the Web together in a cohesive campaign This gets your voice heard and reinforces your message. Using multiple means of communication strengthens the relationship between you and the consumer.  It also allows you to tailor your message to the individual by sending relevant messages to selected customers, and engaging on several levels.

Multi-channel marketing becomes a convenience, rather than a burden, for your customers and prospects. With a consistent and relevant message, the audience can absorb the message in several ways, in a time and place that works for them. Multi-channel marketing begins with direct mail. By creating a personalized, variable direct mail piece, you first invite the recipients to complete a call to action which could be to go to a custom, personalized webpage to sign up. In conjunction with this printed mail piece, the next step is to send an email campaign with a look and feel that reinforces the printed mail piece. Again, the recipient is invited to visit a personal URL. The sales representatives can then use Web tracking to determine who visited the site. The whole process can then be tracked to determine results and plan for the next campaign.

Use multi-channel marketing to build relationships. In today’s fast paced, busy society, people want messages that matter to them, and they want them in a manner that is convenient for them. Multi-channel marketing is not only effective for you, but also convenient for your customers and prospects.

Give some thought to a multi-channel approach as a way to speak to customers and reach them on several levels.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

August 30, 2012

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