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USPS: Saturday Mail Delivery to End After 140+ Years

Changes to mail delivery are coming in August 2013.  Wednesday morning, the United States Post Office just announced that in August they will be ending Saturday delivery of first class, periodicals and catalogs.  It is important to note that they have committed to preserving package delivery service on Saturday.  Package delivery has been on the incline, and will a focus for future growth.  This means they will continue to deliver packages 6 days a week.

So how will this change effect delivery schedules?

The USPS has indicated that the deliverability schedules will remain intact because the network will function as it has.  For instance, if a first class piece is dropped on Friday to be delivered locally on Saturday it will be delivered on Monday, or if it’s being sent cross country it will still be in transit on Saturday and will remain on schedule to be delivered on Monday or Tuesday as before.


“…It is irresponsible not to implement 5 day service.”
–Pat Donahoe USPS Postmaster General

This is one of several moves being made by the United States Postal Service to reduce their deficit and reducing costs and increasing revenue.  As most people know, the reduction in First Class Mail volume has resulted in a drop in revenue for the USPS over the last several years.  As a result, changes are needed.

In order to not be a burden on taxpayers, and not increase their pricing the Postal Service has determined the best option is a reduction in service schedule.  This is something which will be a popular alternative to the other previously mentioned options.  The move to 5 day delivery will save roughly $2 billion annually according to the USPS Press Conference held this morning (Wednesday, February 06, 2013).


Bill Nichols

February 6, 2013

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