VDP Part 2 – How

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Make the message relevant and use what you know about your customers.

Get Personal

Each of your customers is unique. They have unique interests and needs.

Instead of printing 5,000 copies of a single mailer with a single message to 5,000 customers, why not print unique mailers to each of your 5000 unique customers?

Makes sense. But how? Variable Digital Printing (VDP)

  1. Work with a direct mail service to comb through your customer database. It’s called data mining. A direct mail house should have software that can do this.
  2. Create a set of messages that cover what your business has to offer.
  3. Work with your direct mail house to create a set custom graphics that enhance and amplify the messages.
  4. Let the magic of data mining match the messages to the customers.
  5. Pull the trigger. Your direct mail company should be able to combine the customer data, messages and graphics and print full quality mailers that are specific and tailored to each customer.

Imagine the impact that will have on your customers. They receive a post card or flyer with a message and graphics that speaks directly to their interests. This is where it gets personal. And relevant. Because you are using what you know about your customers to serve them better.


Julie Thomas

Business Development

May 10, 2012

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