VDP Part 3 – Hey, Candidate Smith, we’re people out here!

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Overcoming a bad case of : “Hey Generic Voter”

Case Study: “Vote for Me, whoever you are!”         

Here’s a case in point. Candidates for political office have traditionally blanketed their would-be constituents with single campaign messages. But voters today have heard all the political babble and are more politically astute than ever. What’s the chance that voters are going a read a generic flyer? “Vote for Sue Smith. Experience, Leadership, Integrity,” (blah blah blah). That flyer sounds like a candidate for the trash bin. Pun intended.

Voters want to know how candidates feel about issues that relate to THEM before they pick a name inside the voting booth.  Use Variable Digital Printing (VDP) to create a message that reaches out to specific households based on demographics, voter history, neighborhood, street, etc. Instead of producing a generic message, construct flyers or cards that speak to the needs of a particular street, age group, school district, or particular demographic. If you’re an incumbent, remind the folks on Maple Street how you got that stop sign for them. Let young couples know how you’ll fight to keep their middle school in your district. Let seniors know how you value extra police patrols in their area.

Oh, and voters are visual. Don’t just use words in your message. Adjust the graphics for each card to complement your message. Speak to each household about what matters to THEM.

Sure beats “Vote for me dear generic voter ”


Aaron Stringer

Creative Director

May 17, 2012

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