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When companies turn to third parties to handle their billing, they worry about how secure their data will be in someone else’s hands. And rightly so.

In many cases, companies that process, print and mail bills for other firms unencrypt data at certain points in the process so that they can work on the information.

Thanks to the software we use at Bluegrass Integrated Communications, we have the ability to encrypt our clients’ from start to finish in our work flow process, which is not something that every transactional firm can claim.

Data is protected with 256-bit encryption, similar to the encryption used by Microsoft. If someone does try to access the data, our system sends an alarm, which alerts us to the problem.

Encryption is an important part of the protections we have in place to keep our clients’ business data private and secure. Here are other measures we take:

  • Our building is secured. Employees must use badges to enter the building; approved visitors must be buzzed in by our front office staff.
  • Certain departments, such as our data printing area, are locked and are accessible to only those employees who work in them.
  • We do background checks on our employees.
  • Our facility is HIPAA compliant. We follow all of the physical, network and process security measures required to handle protected health information.

Because our turnaround is so rapid for bill processing and mailing (typically a 24-hour turnaround) printed bills spend only a few hours in our building before they are sent to the postal service. There is less access to physical bills while they are in our hands than when they are in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service.


John Young

Director of Business Development

February 2, 2015

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