Web-Based Software Makes Billing System An Open Book

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When a company outsources their billing to us, there's one question they always ask.

“How will we keep up with how our billing is progressing?” It’s a great question.

Thanks to the web-based software we use to manage the work flow of billing projects, our clients always have a virtual “window” through which they can watch their job progress. The web-based software we use gives clients easy and constant access.

How it works

Our clients have access to our web-based software workflow system. There is a nominal fee, but in return:

  1. They don’t ever have to buy software or software upgrades for the work flow system, which means they and their IT staff don’t spend any time uploading software and making updates on their end.
  2. All upgrades are automatic with web-based software, so our clients automatically get improvements to the system. The system alerts them about software upgrades.

Transparent tracking

After a client uploads their billing information to our system, they receive a message that the information has been received on our end. From that point forward, they can use the system to proof their job and to monitor its progress as their job is printed, inserted and mailed, typically within 24 hours. A client can simply hit the “refresh” button all day long and watch their job progress. Clients can keep an eye on their project at all times.

Knowing that our web-based software system is like an open book makes our clients feel confident when they outsource their billing to us. For more information about transactional services, see “Seven Questions To Ask Before You Outsource Your Billing”.


John Young

Director of Business Development

December 15, 2014

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