Who Outsources Their Billing?

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What kinds of businesses and companies outsource their billing?


At Bluegrass, we work with all kinds of firms, from small companies that send out 400 bills a month to large, municipal utilities with more than 100,000 customers. We work with a lot of healthcare companies and utilities, but also with manufacturers that need to bill the companies that buy their products. We also assist national firms with multiple locations that want to streamline their billing. With our help, all of these businesses have improved their billing process. Here are examples of how we have assisted our clients.

Consolidate billing for firms with multiple locations

Local divisions of a national media company were in charge of sending bills to their advertisers. We recommended that the company unify its system by using our billing system. Each local division has access to our online system and can check the status of invoices but they no longer have to worry about handling the billing.

Handle specific invoicing for a manufacturer

Our transactional system has relieved a major manufacturer of sending 500-700 invoices each day. Our system is so flexible that we were able to handle this company’s very specific needs. Each of its invoices must also include a bill of lading. Our system was easily modified to handle this need.

Shift from postcards means better payment rates

In an initial meeting with a new client, we learned the client was sending out its bills on postcards. Postcards are not a good way to send bills because they are easily damaged and are sometimes lost among other mailings. We advised our client to mail bills in traditional window envelopes. Immediately, bill payment rates improved and customer service calls decreased.

For more information about transactional services, see Seven questions to ask before you outsource your billing.


John Young

Director of Business Development

July 28, 2014

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