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It’s a been a year of change here at BlueGrass and we thank all of our great customers for their support and for their business.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, and we know you’re out there, first of all, Thanks! And second, we thought we would use today’s blog to highlight this year as it comes to a close.

It’s a been a year of change here at BlueGrass and we thank all of our great customers for their support and for their business. If you had to capture all the changes in one phrase it would probably be “ a comprehensive approach to growing your business”.

Here’s what we mean. We have analyzed the latest marketing techniques that businesses use to grow their business and then developed a comprehensive set of skills to effectively deliver that value to you our customer.

And we have continued our quest to inject more efficiency and value into your billing processes and inventory management. We know these are drains on your bottom line and are pleased to offer these services to your business using the latest and most cost effective methods.


Let’s take a look at some highlights.
In the area of marketing, we know that all businesses need a strong cohesive set of practices for marketing their products and services with:

  • A Website
  • A Direct Mail Campaign
  • Literature and Marketing Kit Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Tracking and Results Analysis

We continuously survey the latest in each of these areas and stay ahead of the curve for each one.

Website Creation

For website creation, we have retained experts in SEO, Content Creation, Design and Keyword Management so your website can outperform your competition for Search Engine ranking, customer interaction, and clarity of message. In fact, we created a dedicated group called “Intersect Creative” that focuses on the fast-evolving areas of website design, search engine ranking, and social media. We now offer a complete service to create your web presence that starts by listening to your goals and then custom tailoring a web package that is sure to enhance your brand.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is where we started our business 35 years ago and we are stronger than ever. In addition to expertise in design, printing, and postal rate management, we also capitalize on the exciting technology of Variable Digital Printing so we can customize your mailings specifically to EACH of your customers. This gives your mailings higher impact by increasing relevance.

Literature and Marketing Kit Management

We know that managing marketing literature and demo kits can be a drain on your resources. That’s why you should let us do it for you!! We can digitally print marketing brochures “on the fly” when you need them and mail them, in quantity, where you need them. We can also manage the stock of your demo kits in our warehouse. Your reps just log into an online portal, order what they need, and we do the rest. Very efficient, and it gets your reps back to selling rather than shipping!

Copy Writing

Content creation, i.e. writing, is often times a hurdle that is very difficult to overcome. You know what you want to say but just don’t have the time or the words. Yet, content is key when it comes to having a web presence. We have several excellent copy writers on retainer that can listen to your needs and craft a message with clarity. And, just as important, they have close contact with our SEO expert (search engine optimization) so that the content gets ranked by Google and the other search engines. Your content will resonate with your customers and with the search engines. Very powerful.

Tracking and Results Analysis

Data mining, big data, separating signal from the noise. These were all the buzz during this past election cycle. Well, we’ve been honing these skills for years. Let’s face it, if you are going to run a marketing campaign, you will want to track the results. We have continued to develop our tracking capabilities. Take fundraising for instance. We offer a complete package from content, design, mailing to a complete, and actionable analysis of donations. We know the pressure is on for all fundraising efforts and we are there each step to ensure and measure results.

So yes, it’s been a busy year. We thank you for your continued interest and wish you all the best for this holiday season and the new year!



Bill Nichols

December 18, 2012

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