You Don’t Have To Go To Extremes To Offer A Coupon

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Did you know that Philadelphia pharmacist Asa Candler invented the coupon in 1895 by offering free Cokes in a local newspaper?

Americans save billions of dollars a year by redeeming coupons.

Everyone is cutting back

During these tough economic times when everyone is looking to cut costs, what better way to bring customers in than by enticing them with a coupon. Even people who have never used coupons are discovering the value of saving money using coupons.

Easy to incorporate

Coupons are easy to print and mail as part of a regular mailing. You can include them in the design in several ways. You can include the coupon on the bottom of the mail piece. You could also drive the reader to your website where they could print the coupon. Magnets can be designed and mailed with coupons on them for ease of use. There are many possibilities when using coupons as part of a direct mail campaign. The important thing is that the customer sees the coupon as a benefit and as something that they can use.

A way to create value and in-store traffic

As all people are starting to look for extra ways to cut back on costs and still enjoy the things they love, coupons can be used to make this possible. When you are able to target an audience with a coupon for a product that they will most likely use, you can bring success to your business.


Bill Nichols

July 24, 2014

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