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Send potential customers a postcard to introduce them to your website or blog.

Your potential customers are social networking. Use postcards to get them to engage with you online too.

Social media is now part of most of our lives. There are tens of millions of conversations going on simultaneously. How do you, the business owner or organization leader, cut through all the chatter to get prospects and customers to engage with you and your business or cause?

One way is to work with BlueGrass Mailing, Data and Fulfillment to mail personalized postcards targeting social media.

Direct mail allows you to bypass the cluttered digital space to reach specific prospects with personal messages they’ll respond to. Do this by using direct mail to reach out to local and distant users of such social media powerhouses as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and Flickr.

Send potential customers a postcard to introduce them to your website or blog. Entice them with an offer on the card. Also invite them to join you on Facebook (“Like Us”) or Twitter (“Follow Us”) by including on the cards links to your profiles. Instruct them how to sign up for free e-newsletters or emails and other offers or how to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Another strategy is to print on the postcard links to product or service photos on places like Flickr or your website or videos you post on YouTube. Print a QR code that takes recipients to relative videos.

BlueGrass Mailing will design, print and mail those postcards to any recipient list you have or will assist you in compiling the best one possible.

Since inboxes are getting pretty crowded, postcards are another way to entice customers to shop with you or engage in your activity. Include on the cards special gifts or new products that your customers may want to know you offer. Try a coupon code with a single word like “BIGDEAL” which is redeemable on your website.

Include on the postcard a URL where recipients can locate products and services you offer. If you don’t have a website where they can shop, reward them by providing a special deal for bringing you the postcard. One nice bonus in doing that is you’ll get some numbers on how many people responded to the offer.

Bottom line: postcards are still relevant in your marketing strategy. All you need to know is how to link that little piece of cardboard to today’s digital world.


Aaron Stringer

Creative Director

June 21, 2012

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