3 ways to make your direct mailing list far more effective

on Sep. 10 2019  

Quick, economical postcards give political candidates an edge when they need to make fast responses [...]

on Aug. 20 2019  

3 Postal Discounts Remain for 2019; Design Your Mail to Save 2 Percent

on Aug. 7 2019  

Print a series of postcards and keep your customers engaged all summer long

on May. 29 2019  

A targeted mailing list is key to making political campaign mail effective

on Apr. 23 2019  

Bulk mailings go out at reduced rates if your campaign qualifies.

on Mar. 20 2019  

EDDM is a cost-effective, easy way to target an audience in a specific area

on Feb. 12 2019  

Make your direct mail more appealing and earn discounts through USPS’s 2019 postage discount promo [...]

on Jan. 9 2019  

This year at Bluegrass, we gave ourselves a late Christmas present: a Super Web brand WEBjet 200D pr [...]

on Jan. 4 2019  

A new year brings new deadlines for your direct mail projects.

on Jan. 1 2019  

Here’s a different sort of fitness challenge for the new year: Get your mailing list in shape

on Dec. 5 2018  

People still get excited when they see that glossy catalog in their mailbox

on Oct. 26 2018  

Are you an early adopter? Informed Delivery is up your alley.

on Sep. 24 2018  

Want to know where your mail went and when it got there? Intelligent Bar Code can supply the answers [...]

on Aug. 20 2018  

Standard white business envelopes are like plow horses. They sure aren’t showy, but they get the j [...]

on Jul. 16 2018  

When building your marketing mix, it's like building a menu. You have your staples, but then you can [...]

on Jun. 4 2018  

Hooks aren't just for catching fish.

on Apr. 29 2018  

Want to grow your customer base? Build a database of ideal prospects.

on Sep. 12 2017  

No matter what the project, finding the right tool for the job is important. For marketers, direct m [...]

on Jul. 24 2017  

See how direct mail can help you reach your target market.

on Jun. 19 2017  

For biggest payoff, market to your existing customers.

on May. 15 2017  

A little effort into your mailing list will go a long way.

on Apr. 10 2017  

Fail to maintain your mailing list, and your business might fail as well.

on Feb. 27 2017  

As more Americans move, updating your mailing list is a must.

on Jan. 30 2017  

One great piece of advice from Bluegrass allowed Smiley Pete Publishing to simplify and speed up dis [...]

on Nov. 21 2016  

Most businesses start small, and in their early days, everyone, from the CEO to the CEO’s kids, pi [...]

on Oct. 17 2016  

In 1998, a year into publishing a monthly neighborhood magazine, Smiley Pete Publishing decided it n [...]

on Sep. 12 2016  

There are times when businesses are tempted to use direct mail to expose the weaknesses of their com [...]

on Aug. 8 2016  

“Isn’t direct mail completely old-school?” I get that question a lot, especially at parties.

on Jul. 4 2016  

Direct mail doesn’t always have to SHOUT.

on May. 30 2016  

Greeting card makers make it cool to be square, with cards that buck the typical rectangular format.

on Apr. 25 2016  

Bigger is not always better when it comes to mailing lists.

on Mar. 20 2016  

It's sad when a postcard promoting a sale at your favorite clothing store arrives the day after the [...]

on Feb. 15 2016  

Dear New Year’s Resolution: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Sincerely, January 2nd

on Jan. 11 2016  

You don’t have to be a mad scientist to clone your customers.

on Dec. 7 2015  

Need more B2B clients? Look at who you do business with now.

on Nov. 2 2015  

Capitalize on our love of surprises—send someone a box.

on Sep. 28 2015  

Repeat after me: repetition appeals to all of us.

on Aug. 24 2015  

It’s late summer and time for the big sale at your garden shop.

on Jul. 20 2015  

“My wife died months ago. Why does she keep getting mail?”

on Jun. 15 2015  

If you’re wondering “What is a landing page?” you’re not alone.

on May. 11 2015  

When you shop for a new house, you can take a couple of approaches.

on Apr. 6 2015  

What catches your eye? It’s usually things that stand out from the norm.

on Mar. 2 2015  

So many “don’ts” are hurled at us every day — don’t eat too much sugar, don’t sit so muc [...]

on Jan. 19 2015  

We can confidently say the forecast for the rate of return is between 0 and 100 percent.

on Dec. 22 2014  

It happens time and time again. You send a beautifully designed direct mail piece to your audience, [...]

on Nov. 27 2014  

Christmas and Easter remind many people to spend a Sunday morning in worship.

on Nov. 20 2014  

Geo-targeting allows you to send direct mail to a specific geographical area.

on Nov. 17 2014  

Here’s a good way to make better use your current customers: Look for businesses or individuals th [...]

on Nov. 6 2014  

Being in business for 40 years has given me some insight into the direct mail business.

on Oct. 24 2014  

Not testing your direct mail is like buying a hat without your head.

on Oct. 13 2014  

As much as we hate to admit it, the holidays are right around the corner.

on Oct. 9 2014  

It’s not the most glamorous part of business, but it’s a key part.

on Oct. 2 2014  

You want your direct mail piece opened? Then why not choose a medium that has a 100 percent open rat [...]

on Sep. 11 2014  

Direct mail has become more targeted and more connected to other marketing methods, so we’re using [...]

on Sep. 8 2014  

Consumers today see between 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages a day.

on Sep. 4 2014  

Direct marketing has proven to be a successful medium for engaging with customers time and time agai [...]

on Aug. 28 2014  

What do you think of when someone mentions direct mail?

on Aug. 21 2014  

A good mailing list is vital to the success of any direct mail campaign.

on Aug. 14 2014  

Due to the ever increasing cost of postage, your company should consider several cost reduction serv [...]

on Aug. 7 2014  

Are you about to join the 80 percent of marketers who plan to spend money on direct mail this year? [...]

on Aug. 4 2014  

Collecting customer information is, or should be, a priority for every retailer.

on Jul. 31 2014  

Did you know that Philadelphia pharmacist Asa Candler invented the coupon in 1895 by offering free C [...]

on Jul. 24 2014  

More and more regularly we are finding that we can save our customers money by drop shipping their m [...]

on Jul. 17 2014  

Grabbing your audience's attention with a postcard may seem like a difficult task, but it's not. You [...]

on Jul. 10 2014  

In this age of social media, text message marketing and online remarketing, direct marketing is stil [...]

on Jul. 3 2014  

Our clients are sharp marketers. Many collect information about their customers, from demographics t [...]

on Jun. 30 2014  

Americans spend 5.7% of their income at restaurants every year.

on Jun. 26 2014  

As an advertising medium, direct marketing is often overlooked or underutilized by retailers. A very [...]

on Jun. 19 2014  

What rate of return can I expect on my next mailing? This may be the most frequently asked direct ma [...]

on Jun. 12 2014  

Did you know that nonprofits can mail for as low as .076 cents per piece and profit organizations ca [...]

on Jun. 5 2014  

Working to stretch your advertising dollars, trimming costs and improving efficiency?

on May. 29 2014  

Postcards seem rather retro, but they have few rivals when it comes to relaying a succinct message.

on May. 26 2014  

The first challenge with any direct mail letter is getting the envelope opened. If you can conquer t [...]

on May. 22 2014  

When you think direct mail, catalogs, bulletins and sales announcements usually spring to mind. Whil [...]

on May. 15 2014  

While the success of a direct response campaign is easier to gauge than television, radio or outdoor [...]

on May. 8 2014  

Due to the ever-increasing cost of postage, it is important to keep several cost reduction measures [...]

on May. 1 2014  

Your donors, friends and patrons are the core of your fundraising success.

on Apr. 24 2014  

Over the past week, I’ve gotten between 85 and 120 emails a day.

on Apr. 21 2014  

It is possible that Saturday delivery of mail may be discontinued starting in August. How does this [...]

on Feb. 15 2013