Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is what Bluegrass knows. From design to printing to mailing, we help your mail pieces and campaigns go far.

A powerful tool with trusted targeting power

Direct mail has proven itself again and again over the years. In today's increasingly digital age, the power of a thoughtful, targeted, unique and tangible campaign grows day by day. Our Lexington Marketing agency can help you get the return on investment you want. Direct mail in a digital world means you have the unique opportunity to leverage powerful data and segmentation with effective, direct, and personalized communication.

From your basic mailer to an omnichannel approach, Bluegrass has you covered. We’ve completed thousands of successful campaigns in our 47 years of experience, and we know how to craft a strategy that maximizes your return with creative print designs, copywriting, and more. We can also set up tracking and reporting from start to finish of your direct mail marketing campaign.

Make it personal

Studies show that customers respond to direct mail that is colorful and personalized up to 500% more often! Variable Data Printing (VDP) is custom printing at a completely new level of customization. Each flyer is different, customized and relevant to the person receiving it. We produce full-color, high-quality hard copy with a message specific to each customer. This customization allows for a lot of creativity.

Getting it out the door

When it’s time to send your direct mail piece, we use modern technologies such as Xerox iGen high volume printing, programmable inkjet addressing, and camera verification to ensure you have accurate, high-quality, mail pieces presorted to give you reduced postage rates and accurate delivery.

You are in good company:

Over 3,400 happy customers.