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Despite all the advances in communication technology, direct mail marketing can still be one of the most effective and affordable B2B communication methods for generating interest, acquiring new leads and ultimately getting more clients and more sales. However, the effectiveness and accessibility of direct mail have led to businesses receiving more mail each day than they could possibly read. Standing out from the pile is harder than ever, and the vast majority of advertising mail gets thrown away unopened and unexamined no matter how well-thought-out and enticing the design and message may be.

The key is targeting

While you can’t control what happens to your mail once it arrives at its destination, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of it being opened and read through utilizing Bluegrass’ targeted business mailing list data. The secret to succeeding with direct mail isn’t unique packaging or aggressive, attention-grabbing designs – it is targeting your business mailing list so that you are reaching out to the businesses that are actually interested in your message.

What can you expect to find in our business mailing lists?

Bluegrass provides highly detailed demographic information in our business mailing lists, giving insight into various aspects of each business so you can put together a direct mail campaign that speak directly to the core concerns of the businesses on your mailing lists. This information includes financial position, number of employees, location, type of organization (corporation, partnership, etc.), advertising, executive names by title, recent relocation and much more accurate, personalized and reliable business data.

How do we put these lists together?

Our B2B mailing list data is gathered from a wide variety of public and commissioned sources, including trade directories, professional membership rosters, phone books, seminar registrants, trade show exhibitors, credit records and many other sources. All of our data is collected and maintained in compliance with all relevant laws and regularly checked and updated to ensure only fresh business leads with accurate targeting information are included.

With the right mailing list, personalized and accurately targeted direct mail campaigns will get results. Whether you are looking for leads or information, our business lists allow you to target the exact type of business you want – removing the guesswork and giving you the freedom to test your campaign’s effectiveness on various business types with accurate and reliable insight.


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