New Homeowner

New homeowners are invested in the area

A new homeowner list provides some of the most valuable and responsive leads possible for many product and service providers, combining the buying needs involved in moving into a new house with the increased buying power and higher income level associated with homeowners. Unlike a new mover list, new homeowner lists a comprised exclusively of those who have bought the home they are moving into. This means they are likely to stay in the area a long time, have a higher-than-average income, and require many home improvement, renovation, installation, and repair services as they settle in.

Build long-term relationships

New homeowners want to get to know their neighborhood and the services available in it, and they are highly likely to both live in the neighborhood a long time and to become regular customers of local service providers from healthcare professionals to restaurants to gyms. New homeowner mailing lists are a great source of stable, ready-to-buy leads with significant disposable income to spend.

Settling in

Making a house a home requires utilizing many different professional services. A new homeowner is highly responsive to direct mail campaigns related to home improvement, landscaping, interior design, furniture, internet and phone services, subscriptions, and various other home-related offers. The added investment and responsibility homeowners have in regards to the upkeep of their home, in comparison to renters, means that your new homeowner direct mail recipient is likely to spend more on more services. This opportunity gives you a better return on investment for your direct mail campaign, and an invaluable list of high-income, highly-engaged and ready-to-buy consumers.

Where do we find our data?

Our new homeowner mailing list is compiled from a variety of accurate and comprehensive sources, both public and commissioned data. Our data is regularly updated and crosschecked to ensure that only genuine and fresh new homeowners are present on our lists.


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